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How To Buy The Best Area Rugs For Interior Decoration

A lot can be said about interior decoration. It depends completely on the individuals that how he or she wants to decorate the interior but, keeping the comfort and relaxation into mind is important. You cannot have the best design in the house interior unless you assure the optimal comfort inside. We take so many things into account but forget the ornamentation of the floor. Using some beautiful area rugs can be the most effective solution for your floor.

L1080397The reasons for using the rugs on the floor are many and so are the varieties of the rugs.  Keeping the different needs and preferences in mind, the manufacturers have created different types of floor rugs with different materials. Moreover, those are available in different size and shapes as well so that you can have the best fit for your floor.

What are the attributes to look into while buying the area rugs?

Yes, there are a few things about the rugs that you need to think about at the time of buying if you really want to have the best one.

  • The room:The room where you want to place the rugs has a role to play. The material of the bedroom rugs shouldn’t be the same as the drawing room or kitchen rugs. The difference is that the living area will come across more footsteps than the other parts of the house so the material should be strong enough to deal with that.
  • The design:The importance of the design comes into play when you are considering an elegant accessorizing of the house. You can consider primitive rugs since that offer exclusive styling with long durability. These are good to define large spaces as well.
  • The size:The best thing about the area rugs is that those are available in custom fit sizing. You can have the required size for your rooms. The 6 x 9 area rugs are preferred by many because of their convenient sizing. You can use the rugs for different rooms however, you can ask for customized size too.

Some exciting qualitative attributes of the floor rugs

Regardless of your lifestyle and decorating style, you can find that the area rugs have so many different advantages for your rooms and floors especially!

The first thing is of course that it provides a soft and comfortable approach to the hardwood floors. This feels really good. A 6 x 9 area rugs would feel just excellent in your living room, dining and bedroom too. Moreover, if you have babies in the house, these rugs will keep the free from injuries that they may come across while crawling.


The second thing would be minimizing the unnecessary noise that is made out of the wooden floors. There are different types that are excellent to reduce the noise of the footsteps and maintain calm and quiet atmosphere inside.

Now that there are too many types of the custom area rugs available, you need to be bit fussy about which one should you opt for. Consider the room and the size of the rugs so that you can have the required free space on the floors.

Custom Rug Designs – The Best Way to Create a Space that Reflects Your Personality and Taste

Interior design in public and private spaces tends to encompass different concepts. For instance, the designs used in public places are required to be aesthetically appealing to a number of people whereas those used in private spaces such as homes tend to reflect the taste of those living within the space. Despite these differences, however, the utilization of custom rug designs during the process of interior decoration in both public and private areas is an aspect that possesses the power to incredibly transform the aesthetic value of any space.

About Custom Rug Designs

Benefits of Using Custom Rug Designs

Have complete control over the design process

A well-known fact in interior design is that all the elements utilized in the decorating process tend to affect how individuals move through a space, live, or interact with their immediate environment. Due to this fact, settling for just any rug that will fit into the space to be designed will not work to bring out the unique features of a room. Opting to use custom rug designs is a great way of ensuring that you create a space that encompasses the shapes, textures, and colors that you are sure will make space come alive. Moreover, customizing your rug’s design means that you are in a position that ensures that the design created truly reflects your personality and taste.

Save time

An additional benefit of using custom rug designs is that you do not have to spend vast amounts of valuable time visiting countless stores during the search for a rug that will meet your standards. Opting to have your rug custom designed to suit your specific needs ensures that you get a rug that perfectly and seamlessly works with your space without having to agonize over the selection process.

The 3 Phases of the Custom Rug Design Process

Design Consultation

The first step in the process of custom designing your rug is making an appointment to meet with a professional designer in order to have a design consultation meeting. In this initial phase, the design professional will listen to your specific design ideas including your desired color scheme, rug size, and basic design plan. It is wise to bring along items such as paint chips, photos, and fabric swatches to this visit. This is because these items will not only assist the design professional to understand your specified design but they also help in the process of color selection. With regard to the process of color selection, these items enable the designer to develop color solutions that better compliment and match your specific design.

Presentation and Approval of Artwork created by the Professional

The second phase of the design process occurs after you have worked with the professional during the design consultation process, and the design team works to develop a scale artwork piece that is based on the agreed-upon design plan. This artwork is presented to the client and functions as a sample that enables one to visualize how the finished product will look like. Once you approve the designed artwork, the final stage in the design process can begin.

Production of the Custom Rug Design

Depending on the type, size, and complexity of the created design, the production process typically takes between 2-6 weeks from start to finish.